πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» I'm a full stack developer working at Unity Technologies

πŸŽ“ I occasionally host workshops at Lighthouse Labs, a full stack web development bootcamp. Follow me on Twitter for future events

🎨 I work with DIY Spring, a grassroots music and arts festival presenting underground art by Black, Indigenous and people of colour to the Ottawa area as a graphic designer and brand strategist

Core Libraries Design
TypeScript React.js (16.8+) Photoshop
Java Redux Illustrator
JavaScript Jest AfterEffects
HTML5 GraphQL InDesign
CSS3 Node.js
Node.js jQuery
MySQL Gatsby

Quick Facts

🎨 Studied Fine Arts with a specialisation in Painting and Illustration

🧬 Then went to study Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Ottawa

🎸 Worked in music publishing, booking, creating marketing materials, and promoting shows

πŸ’» Decided none of those routes were for me, and ended up doing full stack web development


Now, I'm interested in giving back to the very same commmunities that that supported me throughout all of these transitions.

Feel free to contact me about any of the following:

πŸ‰ Table top RPGs

β›“ Jewelry making